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Insert Title About the New Year

2 Jan

I get that the general idea is that the New Year is all about a “new you” or a fresh start or some set of resolutions designed to make you a better human being, but I don’t buy into all that, so you won’t get any New Year hype from me. I could go into the general rant that I save for my nearest and dearest, about how time is a human construct and doesn’t really matter, but I’ll keep that gem to myself.

Coincidentally, and having nothing to do with a resolution for the new year, I would like to be more consistent about writing on here. I would also like to try and be more personal. Going over my last few posts, I realized it is kind of just an account of “I went here, I ate here, I saw this” which is all well and good – I do some interesting stuff and lord knows I eat a lot of amazing food – but it gets old quickly. I stayed away from the idea of blogging for so long because contrary to my general omnipresence on Facebook, I am kind of private in general. I don’t like discussing my personal life, I most certainly do not like discussing my feelings, and I really don’t like the idea of discussing either of those things on the internet where anybody with technology and a wifi hookup can read all about it. However, I am realizing that the most read blogs, books, articles, whatever, are those that get a little (or a lot) personal. I am going to try and do the same. It won’t be a feelings dump because that’s just not how it is with me, but maybe a little more introspective and a little deeper than “I climbed a mountain today and then ate french toast.”

On a completely different topic, I would like to note that I really hate when I notice that somebody has defriended me on Facebook. Not that I care that somebody has decided that they no longer need my internet friendship, but I just want to be told when and why somebody defriends me. It doesn’t affect my life in any way, except that I am innately curious and start to try and pinpoint what exactly transpired in the moment somebody decided to go to my profile and click “Remove Friend.” Usually these people are people I don’t even like, and am just Facebook friends with because curiosity is a terrible burden and makes you friend people (or accept friend requests) just so you can see the current state of a person’s existence. But still, noticeable defriending has happened to me more than once and it irks me that I’ll never get a reason why – like being dumped unceremoniously without any explanation as to what you did wrong.

If I was in charge of Facebook, I would design it so that every time you defriended someone, a little box pops up and asks you to explain why the defriending needs to occur. Facebook would then send that little tidbit of information (along with a timestamp) to the recently defriended person. I guess some people love the internet so much (myself included) because it allows you to avoid confrontation and live a relatively anonymous existence if you want to – generally, you can’t “defriend” somebody in real life without a little bit of a struggle – but something about the defriending option on Facebook annoys me so much. In general, I never defriend anyone, unless knowledge of their general existence becomes detrimental to my mental health. I feel like people use defriending as a passive-aggressive declaration of dislike. The defriender wants it to be known that something about the defriended bothers them or is unlikeable, but the defriender is too afraid to actually comment an offensive status or a terrible person’s wall with “you’re a jerk and I hate you. Bye.” I hate passive-aggressive anything, so I find defriending sort of insidious in a completely harmless way (if that makes sense).

I actually started thinking about this because (1) I noticed a recent defriending on Facebook and (2) a series of tweets happened between me and a local San Diego real estate figure, wherein the realtor got really upset over a lazy joke I made about an outfit that looked like something realtors wear.

Kim (the other tweeter) attacked me out of nowhere, and essentially called me a terrible human being. I appreciated her open declaration of “hey I hate you and I am defriending you.” I think that’s how it should be done. At least now when I lo0k at my list of twitter followers, and notice that Kim is no longer one of them, I can understand that it is because Kim doesn’t like me and told me so.┬áMystery solved.

That’s about it for today. See, this is what happens when I get personal – the internet gets rants about Facebook and my fear of being defriended.

On a less serious note, the hand choreography from Beyonce’s “Flawless” video is a LOT harder than it looks.