Hello Again (Again)

3 Feb

At this point, it has become clear that my limited attention span and inability to follow through on projects has affected my hopes and dreams of being a blogger of infamy. Sigh. I suppose a month between posts isn’t THAT terrible.

All that has transpired in the month between posts:

(1) I got a job! I am working a little more than part time for a small firm in downtown San Diego as a law clerk. I think my dream of leaving the legal field is going to take a little longer to achieve, but while I am working on it, I am also going to start studying for the California bar exam and most likely take it this summer. Hopes and dreams won’t pay my student loan bills, but being a member of the State Bar and working as an attorney might. Sigh.

(2)I discovered that California is making my eczema infinitely worse.

(3) I took this really good picture:


(4) I got two pet rats – Dionne and Cher.









(5) I bought universal life insurance from a former professional Tim Allen look-a-like.

(6) I discovered these from Trader Joe’s and they are the truth:













Now for an aside for a Mini Restaurant Review:

I ate at Soda & Swine, a restaurant in San Diego that is notable because they serve meatballs to hipsters. Official verdict? Overrated. My Dad makes better meatballs. I don’t need weird stuff in my meatballs to appreciate them. Also, there were vegetarian meatballs on the menu and that kind of defeats the purpose of calling it a MEATball. If you want to eat meatballs, then you shouldn’t be vegetarian.

The restaurant itself is small.  It is also dark. I don’t think it has a real roof. The servers there are typical of anti-establishment establishments (HA), as in they can’t hear anything you say because their trendy eatery is crowded with loud people, they have piercings in places you didn’t imagine could be pierced (how old do I sound?), and they seem to be quietly judging you based on all of your food choices.

There aren’t any individual tables, just two very long communal tables. I hate this style of eating. I have always despised going to hibachi restaurants for this very reason – people feel pressured to talk to one another because of the close proximity, and you end up being forced to make small talk about how cool the chef tricks are. I don’t want to eat with strangers. I have weird social anxiety about these types of things. The only good thing about this style of eating is you can eavesdrop very easily on random people, and that is probably one of my favorite hobbies in life. I even stopped talking/listening to my husband and his friend (my dining buddies) because I was engrossed in the conversation taking place next to me. This is also why I can’t eat at “communal dining” places – I ignore the people I actually came with and just eavesdrop on everyone around me. Maybe I really love eating at these places.

I am going to make more promises about regular posting here (again) not really to anyone but myself, so we shall see how that goes. I already have thoughts for my next post, so be on the look out for my thoughts on Sea World and self help books. Maybe if I outline my topics ahead of time, it will give me incentive to actually write the damn thing….


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  1. Anthula February 4, 2014 at 2:08 pm #

    Favorite comments:anti-establishment establishments (HA), fratty douche guys,

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